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Welcome to Blossom Goods!

We're here to help you get the best products in wholesale quantities at rock-bottom prices.  This program is a work-in-progress, so watch for improvements and developments as time goes by.  

Here's how it works, and what you can expect.

  • Finding Products:  There are two main ways to find products on the site:
    • Use the menus and submenus in the header to select a category or subcategory of products.
    • Search for brand names, product keywords, or UPC codes using the search box in the header.  
    • Pro-Tip: Search for the 12-digit UPC code from an existing product in your home to see whether it's available on the site.  
    • Can't find what you're looking for?  Send us a note and we'll help!  
  • Order Quantities: Each product listing on this site shows the number of units in that item. (For example, a listing showing "12 x 16 fl oz" means this item comes in a case of 12, and each item is 16 fluid ounces. A listing showing "1 x 25 lb" indicates a bag or box containing 25 pounds of bulk product.)
    While most items require you to purchase in case quantities, some - especially in the nutrition and body care categories - are available in smaller quantities, including eaches and trios.
  • Order Timing: In general, orders completed here before Sunday at noon will be ready for pickup on the following Tuesday. We will notify you by email when your products are ready.  Note: This order cycle may occasionally change due to holidays, inclement weather, or other factors beyond our control.  In these cases, we will strive to keep you updated.
  • Payments Authorization and Final Capture: Your payment card will be authorized (but not charged) at the time of checkout.  When your products have arrived at our facility and are ready for pickup by you, your final payment (including any necessary adjustments) will be captured.  Note: In rare instances, the card authorization we obtain at checkout may expire before your product arrives, making it impossible for us to charge your card as originally intended.  In this case, we may reach out to you to re-submit payment before releasing the product to you. 
  • Order Errors and Payment Adjustments: While we and our supplier partners strive to get everything right on your order, occasionally mistakes do happen. If that happens, we will notify you as soon as possible and provide a refund as soon as we know of the issue. If the product is still available, we will provide you the means to reorder the product on our next order cycle.  (We will not automatically reorder the product for you; you must reorder it again.)
  • Product Temperatures:  Each product is assigned to one of three temperature zones: Frozen, Refrigerated, and Shelf Stable.  Note that these zones reflect the storage needs of the product in the supply chain prior to delivery, and may not necessarily reflect how you need to store it at home.  For example, many chocolate products are refrigerated in the supply chain to protect against damage in hot weather during transportation, yet these will not require refrigeration in your home.  Have questions about the temperature needs of a product?  Send us a note before ordering.
  • Product Shelf-Life: Some products are more perishable than others.  You can expect products to have suitable shelf life according the following guidelines (note that these shelf lives are based upon the date the product arrives at our facility and is available for pickup by you):
    • Chilled Items:
      • Cut soft cheese, cottage cheese, some fluid milk: Guaranteed 7 days, but usually 12 - 30 days.
      • Most eggs, fresh cheese, yogurt: Guaranteed 12 days, but usually 22 - 45 days.
      • Bulk and prepackaged meats, tortillas, bread, kombucha, pudding, dairy creamers, semisoft cheeses, dips, hummus: Guaranteed 15 days, but usually 30 - 90 days.  
      • Hard cheeses, pickles, condiments, shredded cheese, cured meats, fresh pasta, bulk olives: Guaranteed 30 days, but usually greater than 70 days.
    • Frozen Items: Guaranteed 30 days, but usually much longer--up to 3-12 months, depending on how cold your freezer is. 
    • Shelf Stable Grocery: Guaranteed 30 days, but usally much longer--up to 6 months.
    • Shelf Stable Pet Food: Guaranteed 90 days, but often much longer.
    • Cosmetics, Body Care, and Dietary Supplements: Guaranteed 90 days, but usually longer.
    • Order Pickup: By using this system, you agree to pick up your products in a timely fashion--generally within a week of delivery. Some products are perishable, so waiting too long can undermine your ability to use up the product ahead of its expiration date. Please bring your order details and/or confirmation email to claim your products. In some cases, we may also require additional ID to verify your identity in order to release an order to you.  Note: Unless prior arrangments have been made with us, products left with us over 30 days may be donated to charity or destroyed (depending on shelf life).  No refunds will be given for abandoned product
    • Pickup Location and Time: All product ordered on this site is to be picked up during normal business hours at Blossom Grocery, located at 295 Village Rd, Lopez Island, Washington, USA.  We do not offer delivery to any other locations at this time.  
    • Product Information: Product listings here offer minimal information on the product. Want more detailed information about a product?  Send us a note. We will do our best to cross reference the item with manufacturer websites or other data sources to help you understand what each item really is.
    • Product Quality: While we carefully vet products for quality when stocking our brick-and-mortar store (Blossom Grocery), we cannot currently vet all the products on this site, as this site relies on customized automated systems in order to keep your costs down (machines are not as smart as people). Some products on this site may contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or other ingredients that would disqualify them from our store shelves.  Want more information about a product? Send us a note, and we will investigate before you place your order.  
    • Product Images: Manufacturers regularly update their branding and packaging.  We do our best to update images, but delivered products may come in packaging that does not exactly match the images on this site.  However, sizing and pack size should always be accurate.    
    • Returns & Refunds:  If you mis-order an item and would like to return it before removing it from the pickup location, you may return it for a refund for a 20% restocking fee.  If you remove the item from the pickup location, we may or may not issue a refund, depending on the circumstances.  (For example, some perishable items may not be returned after they leave our custody due to cold-chain food-safety issues.)  For mistakes or damages not of your making, we will issue a full refund.  We may also negotioate a partial refund for certain items that may partially fulfill your wishes.  Blossom Goods is intended to provide rock-bottom value pricing for customers, and minimizing the costs of returns helps keep those prices low. We encourage you to place orders for items that you are fairly certain you can use and will like.  Also, inspect your items carefully upon pickup to ensure you've received the correct items.
    • Business Customers: If you are purchasing products for use in your business, we may be able to offer special pricing and exemption from state sales tax collection.  Interested? Send us a note.  We may require documentation or other conditions before activating these features.
    • Still have questions?  Drop us a note on our contact page and let us know how we can help.  

    Sound good?  Click here to get started!